Work at a fish factory USA, Alaska

The cost of this service is calculated individually, approximate price:

500 $

Description of the service:
Work in Alaska, USA

Summer season!

We are looking for active and physically persistent workers to work on the seafood conveyor. This is mainly fish, salmon, shellfish, etc.
We provide jobs at 3 of the largest factories in Alaska.
Official employment on a seasonal H2B visa.

All you need is:

have basic knowledge of the English language (you can’t do without it);
experience with fish, seafood, shellfish will be a very big plus;
the ability to sometimes lift packages weighing up to 25 kg;
be ready to work 12-16 hours a day.
What will you get by working on this program?

  • the employer provides free accommodation for 4-5 people in small rooms.

– a salary of 12 dollars per hour. After 40 hours a week, pay $ 18 / hour.

Registration process:

  1. Fill in the resume in English (we will send the template).
  2. Approval of the candidate.
  3. Obtaining a contract for work (Job offer) payment of $ 250.
  4. Appointment for an interview, preparation of all necessary documents + insurance (paid separately) + 190 dollars. payment of the processing fee at the US Embassy. Obtaining a visa (open a visa in the region of 85-90%). In case of refusal, the costs will not be refunded !!! This is the decision of the visa officer, which you and we cannot dispute.
  5. Upon the exit of the visa, the final payment is $ 250
  6. We help with the purchase of air tickets (800-1200 dollars – after 2 months of work, the employer will compensate the cost of tickets).

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If you are interested in our offer, hurry up to sign up for the summer season! Perhaps you will fly to work in the country of opportunities and stable life!

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