H2B/H2A workers annually

supply us 100 to 200 H2B/H2A workers annually.
We are team of friendly and experienced Professionals, with expertise in Human Resources
and thorough understanding of various industry requirements. Our professionals do extensive
research on different industries in US and categories of candidates according to the particular industry needs.
At reimer, we take all challenges seriously and provide efficient services to our clients.
We believe in providing equal professional services to all clients, regardless of the size
and capacity of the organization. Our success is founded on how we approach our clients and
the trust we have gained in working closely with international workers.
We are looking for enthusiastic, reliable, pro-active team overseas workers that will be
perfectly groomed to fill the available positions posted by our establishment.
Meanwhile in regards to your inquiring on the possibility of recruitment of applicants from
any country to the United States; I wish to inform you that, it is possible to supply us 100 to 200 H2B/H2A workers annually.
The limited number of candidates is due to the quota per country, which we received from the US labor department.
We habitually sponsor H2A/H2B visas for selected candidates by filing Form I-129 at the USCIS
with the help of our residence immigration lawyer without demanding for visa processing fee.
(Our associate companies that need the service of foreign workers usually pay the bill)
But for any candidate to qualify for our sponsorship program, he/she has to get registered into our job database.

Registration Procedures:
To initiate the process of registration, we expect you to send us the full list of all selected candidates,
indicating intended job position per candidate and copies of each candidate’s CV(s) to our coordinator
office through: reimerjobs@gmail.com
Our foreign workers’ recruitment department shall assess all CV(s) against the job vacancies in our
job data base, before selection of potential candidates.
After selection of candidates, you shall receive a copy of our employment application form to
commence the registration process of the selected candidates.
Applicants will be expected to pay a registration fee of US$2000 (Two Thousand Dollars) each.
After their registration and endorsement process, we shall send you copies of all candidates,
Employment Offer Letter to proceed with job certification and visa processing.
Reimer JObs Recruitment Consulting Services is required by US Labor Department and USCIS
to verify the identity and work permit of all new employees, and because any offer in
our establishment is contingent upon such verification, the entire applicants’
Labour Certification Application (LCA) at the US Department of Labour and H2B visa
application at the US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) will be process here
in the United States, through our residence Immigration Lawyer.
We shall do the filing of visa Form I-129, for all successfully selected workers and
guarantee swift and smooth process. (reimer is responsible for payment of visa filing
fee and other related documentation fees at the USCIS)
But foreign workers are responsible for payment of visa fee at the US Embassy in country
of residence, after authorization of the employment visa (H2A/H2B) at the USCIS.
Foreign workers are also responsible for payment of any other fees such as airport tax or
insurance fee if applicable in his/her country of residence.
reimerjobs shall reimburse “out-of-pocket” expenses incurred by all foreign workers in
accordance with reimer’s policies in effect from time to time.
The period of the contract shall be 2 years. And our salary scale for entry level
H2A/H2B workers range between US$1700 to US$2500 monthly.
But if any of our sponsored workers fails to appear at the post of duty, our company
(Reimer Employment Agency) shall be responsible for replacement of such worker;
and reimer will not be responsible for the payment of the expenses incurred in the documentation process of such worker.
This opportunity to supply reimer foreign workers will continue as long as your
candidates abides by the existing and future policies of reimerjobs.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require supplementary information.

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